July 3, 2022

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3 Ways To Give Your Storefront a Facelift

After a difficult year or a harsh winter, opening your business to some fresh air and new customers is the goal for many owners and managers. You may have a new advertising campaign in the works or are planning an event to attract new people. Don’t underestimate the power of a good make-over. Giving your storefront a seasonal facelift is an inexpensive way to attract new and loyal customers back into your store. With a little bit of time and work, you can make your store look more welcoming and boost foot traffic.

A Good Cleaning

At the beginning of each season, the front of your store should receive a deep cleaning. This goes above and beyond wiping down the windows and doors, which should be done much more regularly. Start at the top of your storefront and work your way down. Clean awnings, gutters, soffits and exterior walls. You can clean these surfaces with a soft brush and bucket full of soapy water. However, a pressure washer will get the job done much quicker. Pressure washing Tacoma is especially great for siding and brick because it removes dirt without harmful chemicals and can thoroughly clean textured surfaces that aren’t as easy to do by hand. You can even use a pressure washer to clean the sidewalk. You’ll be amazed by the difference removing all this grime will make.

A Pop of Color

Nothing makes a building look fresh and new as a good coat of paint. Instead of repainting the whole storefront, focus on the entryway. You could paint the railing or front door a bright color. Any architectural details, like columns or awnings, can be done in contrasting colors.

If you don’t own your building or don’t want to make any permanent changes, then consider adding color through new signage. The sign could highlight the season or include information about a new product or service. A new sign gets everyone’s attention.

Some Fresh Landscaping

Colorful flowers placed at the entrance of a business make people feel welcomed. It also shows that you care about the appearance of your store. Place flowers in pots around the door or outside seating. You can also include them in window boxes or along a walkway.

Clean out the weeds from flower beds or other landscaping around your storefront. Trim any bushes and cut back overgrown areas. Plant some seasonal annuals and put down a fresh layer of mulch. These are great areas to place temporary signage about events and specials.