July 3, 2022

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How a CDL Ticket Affects You As a Driver

As a professional truck driver, you wouldn’t get far without your commercial driver’s license. As much of an expert as you are behind the wheel, at some point you’ll run out of luck and get nailed with a traffic ticket. To understand the severity of receiving a violation, you must understand just how a ticket will affect you as a commercial driver.

You Could Be Suspended

There are many kinds of traffic tickets, but serious ones can disqualify you or, worse yet, suspend you from driving altogether. Examples of serious violations include excessive speeding, drunk driving, reckless operation of a motor vehicle and using a cellphone while driving. With a disqualification, you can’t drive a commercial vehicle. With a suspension, you can’t drive at all so know where to find lawyers for commercial drivers if you’re ever ticketed.

You Might End Up Unemployed

If you’ve received a smaller fine like a parking ticket or barely going over the speed limit, you usually won’t be in trouble. However, if you’ve got a pile of these citations in a short period, you could be looking at a suspension that could leave you unemployed. Each state has its own speed limits and if you’re driving all over the country, remember that some will suspend your license with only three minor tickets within 18 months.

You’ll Require Legal Counsel

To avoid the nightmare of a disqualification or loss of your CDL, don’t pretend nothing happened and hope for the best. You’re going to need legal representation with an attorney that has a great record representing truck drivers. The right lawyer knows exactly how the system works and how to get you back into good standing.

After an attorney reviews your case, it’s generally appealed through state court. In most situations, you won’t even need to be present in court.

You’ll Need To Be Cautious in the Future

Driving tickets happen to everyone and unfortunately, you’re no exception. The key is to not repeat the mistake and understand what to do going forward. Make sure you’re cautious with all traffic laws and know the rules in different states. Also, be sure your truck meets all size and weight requirements and is properly documented.

If you’re a CDL holder who’s been ticketed, don’t risk your job by trying to handle it on your own. Look for a qualified lawyer who will fight for your rights as a professional driver.