July 3, 2022

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3 Tips for Creating a Safe Workplace

Managing a business with multiple employees is a big responsibility. In addition to meeting quotas and ensuring customer satisfaction, it is essential to maintain a workplace that is safe for you and your staff members. There are several simple steps you can take to minimize any risks that may be involved with your day-to-day work while still being as productive as always.

1. Make Sure Employees Are Well

No matter what kinds of tasks employees complete during the workday, it is vital that they come to work in a good state. For this reason, it is important to ask about any health concerns your staff members may have. This is especially important in the food service industry in order to prevent foodborne illnesses. For companies whose employees must operate machinery or handle other potentially risky equipment, occupational health screenings may also be a good idea. These tests can be used to ensure that no one comes to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

2. Take Steps to Reduce Risky Behaviors

Another piece of advice you may want to consider as a manager is limiting how often your staff members have to do tasks that could harm them physically. For example, try to reduce the maximum weight employees have to lift. If this is not possible, consider providing workers with protective equipment likes back braces to prevent injury to the back. In addition to these routine tasks, be on the lookout for risks related to improper use of equipment. For instance, take the time to train kitchen employees on the safest way to use knives.

3. Avoid Environmental Hazards

In addition to your concerns about staff members, don’t forget about the risks your workplace itself could present. Be sure to prevent slips and falls by utilizing mats, textured flooring and wet floor signs. Additionally, be sure to monitor air and water quality to ensure there are no harmful contaminants. As not all hazards can be prevented entirely, it is vital that you have an emergency response plan. Be sure to not only post signage that communicates things like fire exit strategies, but also to verbally explain these to your employees. 

Sometimes accidents happen in the workplace; however, this does not mean that managers should not do their very best to prevent them. With some careful planning, training and communication, you can create a work environment that allows your business and all of its employees to thrive.