July 3, 2022

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Anilox Roll Cleaning 101

Anilox rolls are the foundation of any printing business, so proper care and attention must be given to ensure they remain clean and functioning. Neglected equipment can potentially yield unsatisfactory output, leading to dissatisfied clients and business decline. Numerous industrial cleaning products are available to keep your anilox rolls in top working condition, but it is important to find the most appropriate brand for your particular tools. Following a few simple steps will allow you to select the best products to use on your machinery and equip you with proper maintenance techniques. 

Know Your Equipment

Professional printers understand that their equipment, often coated in expensive ceramic, is incredibly fragile. Because there are varying types of machinery, it is crucial to study what solvents and chemicals are safe to use on your equipment specifically. pH ranges must be considered, as solutions too acidic or caustic may cause damage. Determining the proper anilox roll cleaner will protect your printer from deterioration and keep corrosion at bay. 

Always Rinse

While the ceramic material used to coat an anilox roll seems hard and impenetrable, it is actually quite porous. Due to the permeable nature of this substance, all industrial cleaners must be immediately rinsed from the ceramic device following a cleaning. Failure to do so could result in a surplus of liquid seeping into the core of the equipment, resulting in damage. 

Handle With Care

Your printing press is likely your most cherished possession. Therefore, it is crucial that the anilox rolls are handled gently and with proper care. Your daily cleaning practice should always involve mindful hoisting of the equipment with two hands. Haphazard dragging or pulling of the machinery negatively impacts the ceramic, and shortens the life of your tools. Further, consistently wrap your anilox rolls in a protective cover when not in use: this will ensure superior performance and longevity.

Train Your Employees

Because you may not be the only one constantly cleaning the printers, it is important to train all staff on how to properly care for the equipment. Demonstrate the appropriate handling techniques, and ensure the employees are familiar with the correct solvents to use on each piece of machinery. Finally, protect your employees from potential danger by requiring they study all relevant safety data. Regularly remind them to always clean with caution and vigilance. 

Protect your prized printing equipment by practicing mindful cleaning and handling procedures. With the right chemicals and proper care, your anilox rolls will remain in peak working condition for years to come.