July 3, 2022

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Things To Do in Boulder

There are many ways to enjoy yourself in Boulder, Colorado. This small town offers a plethora of activities ranging from scientific exploration to outdoor fun.

The Flatirons

Boulder, Colorado is famous for the Flatirons. All around town, these large formations of slanted sandstone can be seen in the backdrop. The sight of these slabs can be mesmerizing no matter what angle you’re looking from. There are hiking trails that go right into the Flatirons, and clear views from afar. One of the most favored areas to look from is Chautauqua’s meadow.

Boulder Creek Path

Boulder Creek Path is a great place for jogging, walking, skating, and bicycling. This pathway is handicapped-accessible and easy to get to. Running alongside the beautiful creek it gets its name from, Boulder Creek Path goes for miles through and around the center of town.

Pearl Street

Downtown Boulder is where the famous Pearl Street can be found. A variety of microbreweries, restaurants, coffee shops, and stores offer visitors and locals many things to do. The brick pavement, flower gardens, large patios, and old-timey storefronts give Pearl Street a classic, historical vibe.

Boulder Theatre

If you’re in town and looking for entertainment, Boulder Theater might be your best bet. This theatre is known for it’s colorful marquee and elaborate decorations, as well as its rich history. Large musical acts, plays, and other shows have been hosted at this theatre for over a century.

University of Colorado

You don’t have to be an enrolled student to appreciate the University of Colorado’s campus. The large gathering spaces and historical buildings are only the beginning of what this campus offers. You can stargaze at the Fiske Planetarium, enjoy the stage at Mary Rippon Theatre, attend interesting lectures and conventions at Macky Auditorium, and visit the CU Art Museum to marvel at the college’s creativity.


With all the trails and pathways among the Rocky Mountains’ foothills, Boulder is famous for its bicycling culture. Bike lanes and bike paths run through the city like pumping veins. The E-Bike Tour of Boulder takes bicycling to the next level, offering motorized bikes that dash down the trails without much physical effort. Educational tours can be explored on these electric bikes, allowing you to learn about Boulder’s history and industries while enjoying the great outdoors.


Boulder is already an amazing town that folks of all walks of life can enjoy, but the population also tends to have a deep self-awareness and understands that there’s always room for improvement. Public emphasis on nature preservation and income equality allows more people to enjoy more activities down the line. With help from community members such as City Council candidate Steven Rosenblum Boulder can significantly grow more, and people navigating through town can find more ways to enjoy themselves.

Boulder’s culture is known to prioritize happiness. Even long-time residents can find new ways to delight in the city. Education, nightlife, wellness, and the outdoors are just a few aspects of what makes Boulder such a great town to explore.