July 3, 2022

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7 Must-Have Amenities at Music Festivals

There is a lot of planning and money that goes into music festivals. While the amenities have come a long way since Woodstock, there are still plenty of features that should always be included in the ticket price. While music festivals are exciting, they can also be hot, loud, and even potentially dangerous. Festival attendees should always feel safe and comfortable. Here are 7 amenities that every music festival should have.


While all music festivals have some kind of toilet available, sometimes a few port-a-potties just aren’t enough. Mobile restrooms are a great way to ensure everyone has access to a clean, comfortable place to do their business. Additionally, mobile restroom trailers often feature ADA-accessible units, which are a must for all types of events. These spacious, sanitary facilities are just the extra step that music festivals need to ensure everyone has a great experience.

Free Water

Water is a basic human right and is an easy way to prevent various dehydration-related illnesses at music festivals. Water stations should be large enough to handle a crowd and spaced out frequently enough to be easily accessed by all festival attendees.

Harm Reduction Tents

Recreational drug usage at music festivals is no secret. Even the most experienced drug users can be susceptible to overdoses caused by laced drugs. Harm reduction booths with features like drug checking have been proven to save countless lives every year.

Charging Stations

Battery charging stations are essential for long days spent at a festival. Having a fully charged phone is necessary for communicating and keeping track of your fellow festival-goers as well as documenting the experience through photos and videos.

Medical Tents

While medical emergencies can be avoided to an extent, having medical staff onsite is necessary at music festivals. Medical staff members are trained to deal with any injuries or illnesses that may occur at music festivals, from sprained ankles to overdoses.

Friendly Security

Security guards at music festivals are notorious for not using their power for good. Security should be there to keep everyone safe. This can be done by hiring approachable, friendly security guards. Most security-related incidents at music festivals could be avoided if festival attendees felt comfortable approaching security personnel. 

Nutritious Food

Music festivals are exhausting. Having access to affordable, nutritious food can make the festival experience much more pleasant. After standing in the sun for hours at a time, the last thing a hungry festival-goer wants is to spend $15 on a burnt hot dog. Food at music festivals should be accessible, varied, and accommodating to all dietary needs.