July 3, 2022

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Does Someone You Know Have an Addiction? Look for These 4 Signs.

Are you worried about a loved one’s choices? Do you see someone not clinging to items that are hindering happiness and growth? It’s hard to witness someone heading down the wrong path. Perhaps your friend or family member seems dependent on certain items. Perhaps he or she has shifted in character. Have you noticed shifts in behavior and attitude? If so, you may wonder whether he or she has an addiction and needs help from a professional service such as an executive life coach. Look for these 4 signs to indicate a possible problem.

Spends Excess Money

It’s fine to splurge, but it’s another thing to give up necessities to indulge in a habit. For instance, if a friend has 200 dollars for groceries for the month, but chooses to use it for playing cards, then his shows an inability to control choices and have rationale. It’s a dependence that highlights a problem making sacrifices. Personal pleasure is more important than feeding oneself or others.

Changes Habits

Another characterization is eliminating hobbies that once created pleasure and using this one instead. It’s great to enjoy something, but it’s another thing to give it up.  For example, an alcoholic may stop attending certain event that don’t serve drinks, thinking the lack of substance makes the time less entertaining. The choice means no longer going out with close friends. The sacrifice shows that pleasure is reliant on the craving.

Seems Nervous or Ill

At times the body might reveal an issue. Someone reliant on nicotine, drugs or alcohol develops a level of tolerance. When that isn’t met, the body begins to react. You may notice shaking, sweating or violent behavior. Does your coworker show up appearing edgy? Do you notice he’s lethargic at times or overly aggressive? These may be red flags of a craving.

Doesn’t Handle Complication Well

Most healthy people recognize that solving life’s issues isn’t easy. It takes patience and creates frustration. Sure, everyone struggles with it, but an addicted person can only cope with the drug or hobby of choice. Did someone have a bad day at the office? Most might go home, vent, eat a nice meal or walk it off. The addiction should not be the solution all of the time. If someone has to gamble, drink or do drugs to find happiness, then something is off.

Getting your friend or relative assistance is possible. Contact experts who can collaborate with you and others to safely work with the person concerned.