May 29, 2022

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Preparing for Competition Shooting Events

Gun owners from across the United States meet in competitive shooting events every year to battle metal and paper targets. Some of these events are held outdoors and last for a single day, but other competitions are multiple-day events that involve indoor firing skills. Some competitions require competitors to run around in a maze blasting targets with wads, and other events use long-range skill shots to take out targets that are hundreds of feet away. No matter which of these competitions you want to be a part of, there are some things you should do to prepare yourself for the experience.

Practice Again

To improve your techniques and make sure your skills are top-notch, you will need to practice until you are sure you know how your gun works. You can purchase pistol ammunition in bulk or a large volume of rifle cartridges to ensure you can practice frequently. Using the same type of ammo in competitions that you use to practice is also a good idea.

Location Selection

If you only practice indoors and the competition is an outdoor target event, you may be at a distinct disadvantage. The sun, wind, and heat can play havoc with the inexperienced shooter’s concentration. To increase your skills, train indoors and outdoors until you decide on a competition’s venue. Once chosen, practice the shooting drills at the metal or paper targets the competition will use.

Personal Logistics

Every shooter has a system they use to become more accurate. Perhaps it is how they squeeze the trigger, what tempo they breathe, or how they squint their eyes. When you get a chance, talk to an experienced shooter that impresses you with their skills and ask them for clues about improving your accuracy, both indoors and outdoors. Discuss competition nerves with your new mentor and shoot with them a few times to get an experienced point of view on your belly stance, standing hold, and speed shots. You may even get some points of view on holding your guns that will improve your scores.

Preparation Safety

When preparing for your first competition meet, talk to your shooting range manager about what you will need for the event. You can probably find competition holsters, earplugs, and eye-protective glasses for sale at your local gun dealer. You should also consider filling a backpack with shooting accessories and snacks if the event is an all-day competition.

Preparing for shooting competitions can be as exhilarating as the event. Why not give it a try and see how competitive you are?