September 30, 2022

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Some Benefits of Using Adjustable Deck Pedestals

Many homeowners enjoy the benefits of outdoor living spaces connected to their homes. However, creating the area can be problematic if you live on uneven property. Likewise, you might not even own any additional property yet still want to enjoy an outdoor patio spot. In this instance, many people decide to go up to the roof of their building and utilize this space. In each of these circumstances, the base you use for your patio flooring will mean the difference between a successful installation and one that fails to come together correctly. For these and other reasons, many homeowners choose to begin their outdoor living space project with adjustable deck pedestals.

What Are Adjustable Deck Pedestals?

These devices provide the underpinning for your deck flooring. They consist of a round pedestal with a sturdy base, while extension rings or screw tops provide pedestal height adjustment. Indeed, deck construction benefits from polypropylene pedestals’ strength and low weight.

Why Do You Need Adjustable Deck Pedestals?

Adjustable deck pedestals make building on a sloped or irregular surface possible to provide a level deck or terrace. Since the pedestals adjust to varying heights, the pedestals give a level surface for the layers that go on top, like waterproofing and flooring material. Homeowners find that pedestals work well in a rooftop patio installation due to the slope built into most roofs to accommodate the gravitational drainage. Moreover, adjustable deck pedestals assist in leveling the new patio surface required due to the roof slope.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Adjustable Deck Pedestals?

In addition to creating a level outside living space on an irregular surface, adjustable deck pedestals offer more benefits to the homeowner. They provide substantial aid to ensuring that water will drain away from the deck, or if used on a roof, keep water from pooling on the top. Because the pedestals create space under the deck flooring, this extra room increases the air circulation beneath, which helps keep the underside of the deck dry and subsequently prevents mold and bacterial buildup. Furthermore, the crawl space under the deck that pedestal use creates also gives the extra needed space to hide unsightly but necessary building supplies used to bring electricity and plumbing to the patio area. 

Don’t let uneven ground or a sloped roof pitch stop you from enjoying a new outdoor living area. You can do it if you use adjustable deck pedestals to anchor your new deck, patio or terrace.