July 3, 2022

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When to Reuse Your PPE?

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there has become an international shortage of PPE. Equipment such as facemasks, surgical masks, hoods, respirators, face shields, and goggles have become hard to find. To stop any further shortages and ensure that everyone has access to PPE, both extended use and reusable PPE have become popular. However, there are guidelines you should follow when wearing all types of PPE. 

Extended Use PPE

Extended use PPE includes respirators, hoods, facemasks, face shields, and goggles that you can wear for long periods and when coming into contact with many people. These have become popular because they are comfortable and do not require periodic sanitation throughout the day. Extended use is also a great option because you are less likely to remove your equipment multiple times throughout the day and contaminate yourself.

Reusable PPE

Reusable PPE includes facemasks and face shields that you can wear multiple times, but you need to sanitize every time you take it off. These have become popular because they can easily be stored and worn again. Facemasks are one of the most common pieces of reusable PPE. Having a facemask that fits appropriately will protect you from any contamination. However, you must wash them thoroughly before they are worn again. Be sure to remove your facemasks safely and immediately place them in the washing machine.

Similarly, face shields are another piece of popular reusable PPE. These are a great choice if you have asthma and prefer not to wear a mask. Like facemasks, face shields must be disinfected before they are worn again. Reusable PPE should not be shared with anyone. This means you must have several masks available for each person in your household if you plan to leave your home every day. 

Disposable PPE

These are PPE that cannot reusable. For instance, certain facemasks cannot be washed properly and should be thrown away immediately after use, while hoods, such as the hood-19, are approved for extended use. If you choose to wear disposable PPE, limit the instances where you will be required to wear your equipment so you are not contributing to the international shortage. 

Due to the international shortage of PPE, extended use and reusable PPE have become popular options. Whether you choose to go with extended use, reusable, or disposable PPE, make sure that you are following the appropriate guidelines so that you do not accidentally infect yourself.