July 3, 2022

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What Are Cantilever Racks

We all know that warehouses are made to store different materials, but did you know there are different types of rack systems to help store those items? Cantilever racking is one of the most popular racking systems in the warehouse industry.

Flexible Rack Design

Cantilever racking typically consists of having racks on both ends of an I-beam. This means that there is actually no shelving between these racks, which allows you to access the materials with a forklift without being obstructed by horizontal racks. This sort of system allows for maximum visibility as you can see the materials you want to pick with ease. This sort of rack system also helps you to store more materials using less space. Gone are the days when your materials are buried behind something else as nothing is out of mind or out of sight.

Long And Thin Items

Storing materials such as long pipes, lumber, beams, tubing, and steel racks have usually been very difficult to store in most warehouses. Since cantilever racking is an open design, these sorts of items are ideal to store with this sort of racking system as you can get it safely off the floor while providing maximum visibility.

Get It Off The Floor

Having materials on the floor of your warehouse can not only be dangerous, but it can clutter up your working space. Over time, things get harder and harder to find in your warehouse when things are stored on the floor because things seem to pile and get lost under something else that you can’t see. Most warehouses have a lot of vertical space that goes wasted, but by using racking companies to install Cantilever racking, you can maximize the use of this vertical space in your warehouse. 

One argument for storing things on the floor is that it costs less money. While you may save money initially, it will definitely cost you more in the long run as you will not be maximizing the space in your warehouse and will hold less inventory than if you maximize the use of vertical space. Cantilever racks give you the ability to stack items to the ceiling, which is much safer and stable than stacking things on the warehouse floor.


Cantilever racks are great for warehouse managers that want to maximize space and save money. These racks are very easy to install, configure and reconfigure which make them a very dynamic solution for any warehouse.