July 3, 2022

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Planning a Fun Family Beach Getaway

A relaxing vacation on the beach with a cold drink by your side and an engrossing book in your hands is the ideal getaway for many. If you add kids to the mix, though, this vacation might look a little different. You can still have an amazing family vacation on the beach with a little planning. Here are some things to consider to make the most of your getaway.

Stay in a Rental Home

Hotel rooms are the often the default lodging choice for vacationers, but in many locations, vacation rentals Newport Beach CA can offer more space and flexibility for family travel. A rental home typically offers two or more bedrooms, plus a full kitchen and living room area. This lets kids have their own sleeping space, and allows parents an area to relax and unwind once the kids are in bed. A full kitchen lets you save money on dining, and gives you the freedom to prepare foods your family enjoys. 

Bring the Grandparents

Reserving enough hotel rooms for a family with kids and grandparents can get expensive, but rental homes often have enough bedrooms and bathrooms to comfortably allow grandparents to join in on your vacation. Having extra adults around means that parents might be able to get away for an evening date, or even spend a few hours alone on the beach, living out that vacation fantasy while the grandparents entertain the kids. For families who live far away from the grandparents, vacationing together can provide for great bonding time between grandparents and their grandchildren as well.

Travel With Another Family

If you can find another family whose kids are friends with your kids, and whose vacation mindset might be similar to yours, traveling together can reduce costs for everyone, and can make your trip more enjoyable. Your kids will have built-in companions for many activities, which can reduce complaints and sibling arguments. Much like traveling with grandparents also, when two families travel together, the adults can take turns caring for the children while the others get away for some much needed kid-free time.

It might feel challenging to plan a fun, relaxing vacation to the beach with young kids in tow, but with a little preparation you can make arrangements that allow for plenty of fun when you travel as a family. Ensuring plenty of lodging space and time for adults to spend away from kids will provide a great combination of family fun and adult relaxation.