July 3, 2022

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Getting Ready for Step 3

If you have started your first year of residency, then you deserve to be congratulated. Graduating from medical school is a tremendous accomplishment; however, you aren’t ready to leave those annoying Step exams behind just yet. You still have to pass Step 3. The vast majority of residents take Step 3 during their first year of residency. Of course, you now have a full-time job that requires you to work 80 hours per week. How are you going to prepare for Step 3? This starts with USMLE Prep Chicago IL. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

Look at Your Schedule

You need to find a time to take Step 3; however, unlike with Step 1, you aren’t going to take time off from work to study for this exam. Therefore, try to take Step 3 during a lighter month in your intern year. You might have an elective or two during your first year. This is a month where your hours are going to be a bit lighter, so you might have time to study for this exam and take it.

An Earlier Date Is Better

While you might not want to take another test as soon as you finish medical school, your residency program is going to focus on getting you ready for your specific specialty; however, Step 3 is going to be a test of general knowledge. For example, unless you are in pediatrics, you aren’t going to treat kids; however, Step 3 is going to include questions on pediatrics. It is better to take this test before you forget that general knowledge. Try to find an earlier test date. Furthermore, if you take Step 3 early during your residency, your program might even reimburse some of the cost. This can help you pay back your student loans more quickly.

Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, it is important for you to take practice questions to get ready for Step 3. A formalized prep course might be able to provide these questions to you. If you have a few minutes of downtime during the day, you should be able to work your way through a few questions. Every little bit helps, so use your time wisely and pass Step 3 on the first attempt. Once you finish Step 3, you can finally leave those pesky USMLE exams in the past and focus on your residency program.