July 3, 2022

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Data Center Operations

The information age is a phenomenon that has brought sweeping changes to many aspects of modern life. Data is a currency that fuels businesses large and small. Interesting and perhaps unanticipated results of these changes are playing out in employment trends and business operations everywhere. A look at job postings and hiring events reveal growth in opportunities for workers with computer-related skills of all kinds.

One element of infrastructure made necessary by heavy reliance on data is the ability to store and maintain access to the data reliably. Large data centers are the facilities that meet this need. These operations house computer networks that connect storage media and computing resources to the internet. Different levels of automation do exist in these centers but there are some tasks that require human intervention. The staff required for operations must have appropriate data center training to effectively perform their duties.

Some 3 million data centers have sprung up to meet the needs of businesses of all kinds. These include private centers, government-owned facilities, and cloud service provider facilities operated by giant technology companies. These installations house the IT assets that support cloud computing, company websites, intranets, applications such as email and customer databases. A few of the jobs associated with data centers include certified data center management professionals, security specialists and network engineers.

Certified Data Center Management Professional

As the title implies, this role in the data center must have a solid grasp of overall operations and maintenance. Mastery of data center design principles, the hardware infrastructure requirements and management of day to day operations are all part of this position’s responsibilities. Training and certification for this position are required to document an individual’s level of knowledge and expertise.

Data Center Security Specialists

Cybersecurity is an increasingly important element of operations for data centers. Constant threats from hackers create an environment requiring proactive measures to prevent data theft or corruption. The security risks to which businesses are exposed are constantly changing. Security personnel must maintain an up to date awareness of the types of threats and the tools available to address and prevent compromises.

Data Center Network Engineers

These professionals provide the connectivity between computing assets that allows the data to flow securely where it needs to go. This task requires an understanding of both the physical architecture of networks and the software tools and systems that enable connectivity. Complex arrays of IT assets and operating systems must be coordinated and maintained both internally on local networks and externally on the internet.

The changes brought about by progress in information technology is impacting the business and employment landscape dramatically. Demand for skilled workers with computing systems training and expertise is on the rise. Data centers are an example of future trends in the information age.