July 3, 2022

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Accidents Happen – Should you Contact an Attorney? It Depends…

You’ve probably seen all of the personal injury attorney billboards scattered along the highways and by-ways while driving to and from work and other places. You’ve no doubt listened to their countless ads on radio and T.V., So it’s normal to think that if you’ve been involved in an accident to contact a lawyer immediately; before the insurance company strong-arms you into settling for less than you deserve.

That’s the message, but is it true? Should you contact a personal injury attorney if you’re ever involved in a car crash? It depends on whether:

No-One is Injured

If you’re at the scene of the car crash and it’s a minor fender bender, and the only casualty is your bumper and a few scratches on your 10-year-old car, the answer is probably not. In some instances, you may want to seek medical care to ensure there’s no underlying injury that may appear later. Typically, if there are no injuries, it won’t be worth your while to hire a personal injury attorney to take on such a case.      

The Insurance Company Offers a Reasonable Amount

If the injuries are not severe or you can’t or don’t care to go through the process of hiring an attorney and the insurance company offers you a reasonable amount – go for it. However, if you feel your injuries are more serious, causing you to lose time at work and doctor bills are piling up, you will want to contact a few law offices in Rockville Maryland to understand your options better. A professional personal injury attorney can counsel you as to whether or not your case is worth pursuing. However, if the insurance company is giving you problems or lowballing your claim, it would be beneficial to you to seek out an attorney. 

Many personal injury law firms offer a free consultation to discuss the details of your case. Generally speaking, most professional attorneys will give you a candid assessment of what they think you may be able to recover, if anything. 

If You’re Seriously Hurt in a Car Crash Due to Someone Else’s Negligence    

If your injuries are severe and you need help paying hospital and doctor bills and other expenses due to lost wages because of the crash, you should contact a personal injury attorney.

To summarize: If an accident such as a car crash occurs due to someone else’s negligence and your health is at risk, call an attorney.