July 3, 2022

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3 Ways You Can Build Your Resume

Getting out into the job market can seem like a challenge to many individuals. If you have been employed for a long time, perhaps you are worried your skills are stagnant or need to be updated. Or, if you have been out of the workforce for a long time, it might seem as though you need to update your abilities. Whatever your reason for wanting to build upon your current skill level, take a look at these ideas, and see if any of them could work for you. 

1. Get Certified In a Program

Think about getting certified in a program or application. This could be something as basic as Microsoft products, showing that you know how to use Word, Excel, Publisher, and the other common Microsoft tools. You can even get certified in skills too, such as project management. This can open the door to higher-paid opportunities or at the very least, show employers that you are willing to progress to more challenging types of work. 

2. Become a Notary

Notarizing documents is a skill that can help your current employer, especially if they have this need on a daily basis or they have customers that come in and frequently require this service to be performed. Learn more about how to become a notary in Florida and discover how this can help you open doors to new career paths. Many banks and title services need help from notaries, so if you are planning on applying for this type of work, this can be a great skill to put on your resume and place yourself above the competition. 

3. Consider Going Back To School

Sometimes getting an edge over other applicants can be achieved with the help of a degree. If you haven’t finished your bachelor’s degree or want to earn a master’s degree, this could be a good time to show potential employers you are serious. Many schools offer the chance to network, giving you the opportunity to meet new recruiters while on the hunt for a different job.

Building your resume can help you get a new and better job, no matter what your current situation is. Getting certified in a program, becoming a notary, and going back to school are all useful ways that can increase your skills, set you apart from everyone else, and make you even more valuable when it comes to gaining new employment.