July 3, 2022

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3 Ways To Use Marijuana Safely

Since marijuana is becoming legal in more places every year, it is more important than ever to be aware of what marijuana can do and how to use it safely. While marijuana is largely one of the safer recreational drugs, there are still dangers that users should be aware of if they plan on consuming marijuana recreationally.

Drug Tests

Many jobs require employees to get tested for drugs on a somewhat regular basis, and even if marijuana is legal where you live, it is up to the discretion of the company whether employees are allowed to have marijuana in their systems. The amount of time that marijuana remains traceable in your body on a 10 panel drug test varies widely from a few days up to two months. Typically, it will remain in your system for about a month, and if you happen to need a work-mandated drug test within that time, there is a risk that your employer may find marijuana in your system even if you have never been inebriated at work. Use your best judgment.

Adverse Mental Effects

No matter if you have used marijuana many times in the past or if you are preparing to use it for the first time, there are risks to your short-term mental health. Panic attacks are not uncommon for anyone, no matter how much experience you may have with marijuana. Some symptoms of panic attacks are a fast heart rate, dizziness, and sweating, and if you think you feel a panic attack coming on, try to find a safe, calm place where you feel safe, take deep breaths, and if you are worried bout future panic attacks, consider visiting a doctor to ask about treatment options.

Reduced Reaction Time

Marijuana can also affect the functionality of your brain. This means it can slow your reaction time, distort your sense of time, heighten your senses, or affect you in some other way. For this reason, many places have laws against driving or doing certain other activities while high. Make sure to look up the laws in your area to remain informed on the legal ways to use marijuana where you live.

Marijuana helps people reduce anxiety, reduce depression, and helps people have a good time. For that reason, marijuana can be a good thing in many situations. As long as you keep yourself informed, you should be able to use marijuana in the safest way possible.