July 3, 2022

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3 Reasons Microblading Might Be Just the Thing Your Eyebrows Need

Flip through the pages of any women’s magazine, and you’re likely to come across a feature on microblading. It’s trendy for sure, and eyebrow enthusiasts swear by it, but what exactly is it?

Microblading is an eyebrow enhancement treatment that uses a similar process to tattooing, but with a lot less time and pain involved. Tiny needles scratch and deposit ink under the skin, producing semi-permanent brow hairs that don’t wash off and don’t need makeup.

With the best microblading Long Island NY, you can save time on plucking, shaping, and penciling, so it’s little wonder that the trend has caught on. What are other benefits of microblading?    

1. It Doesn’t Last Forever 

Because microblading needles are tiny, the ink is not deposited deeply into the skin. This means it is eventually absorbed by the body and disappears. Depending on how oily a person’s skin is, microbladed brows usually last between one and three years. With that being said, you don’t have to worry about having the exact same eyebrow shape for the rest of your life. Styles change, and yours might, so this gives you just enough time to enjoy perfect eyebrows.

2. It Looks Good

When many newbies first hear about microblading, they immediately conjure up images of their great aunt’s garish painted-on eyebrows that no one had the heart to criticize. However, microbladed eyebrows are far more elegant. You can choose the color, consistency, and shape of your new brows, and experienced stylists mix tones and thicknesses so that your brows look authentic and complement your hair, facial shape, and complexion. If you’re worried about what it looks like, consult a professional microblading service and see the work they’ve done in the past.  

3. It Doesn’t Hurt (Much)

The tattoo comparison scares some people away, but if you peruse online accounts from people who’ve had it done, microblading is a more pleasant experience. “Slightly uncomfortable” is how it is sometimes described, but not painful. This is small price to pay for flawless eyebrows that don’t need to be drawn on every single day.

Microblading might be the boost your brows have been looking for and can save you time and money. As well, if it turns out not to be your jam, you can take comfort knowing that it doesn’t last forever! If you’re interested in trying out microblading, do some research and talk to people who have experienced it before. Who knows, this might become your favorite makeup hack!